Monitoring color in real-time can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. X-Rite’s paper solutions work as either standalone units or as part of a process control system to provide real-time closed-loop color measurement and corrections. Catch and correct color issues before they result in waste and lost production time.
X-Rite color solutions encompass each step in the process of color selection to final production. Click on your role or process step below to view the solution best suited to your needs.

To achieve the most cost-effective production cycle, color management needs to start in the lab. X-Rite’s inline paper solutions help accurately determine color requirements, even when using recycled pulp or optical brighteners, and continue to monitor brightness and color throughout production.


A compact, fully functional 45°/0° spectrophotometer with adjustable UV content ideal for color measurement in paper laboratories. Excellent spectral resolution of 1 nm.


From inspiration through formulation, production and quality control, the Ci7800 benchtop sphere spectrophotometer is one of the most advanced instruments in the market.


The X-Rite Ci7600 is a mid-range benchtop spectrophotometer ideal for color quality control, improving the measurement, management, communication and reporting of color.


NetProfiler is a cloud-based blend of software and color standards for verifying and optimizing performance of color measurement devices, reducing variance among instruments.

color imatch

Color iMatch is a job-oriented color formulation solution for paint, plastics and textiles, enabling fast, accurate color analysis and colorant formulation for a variety of applications.

X-Rite’s inline paper solutions guarantee faster production with less raw material and dye waste. By monitoring color from a single point measurement that is not influenced by moisture, temperature or gramage variations in cross-direction, operators can be alerted the minute color moves out of spec. 


Inline spectrophotometer for the measurement and evaluation of color in industrial applications for early identification and correction of disturbances.


 With the ERX50 inline spectrophotometer, ESWin Closed-Loop Color Control software automatically controls up to 3 dyes plus optical brightening agents for automated colorant adjustments.

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