Build Efficiencies into Production

As interior and architectural design trends expand to include custom color work with intriguing new textures and colors, building material manufacturers must revisit how to measure and formulate color to ensure first run accuracy and repeatability. Color provides lasting and memorable aesthetics to exterior building materials, impacts the atmosphere and ambiance for interior designs, and transforms simple building finishes into visual masterpieces. Whether working with stucco, vinyl siding, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, rooftop shingles, wood cabinetry, or glass, it is imperative to get the color right the first time.

From hard-to-match grays to trending colors, building material manufacturers are being challenged to tighten their quality control processes to ensure consistent and accurate color. How do they guarantee first run accuracy and ensure repeatable color throughout production? X-Rite’s building material color control solutions ensure that the design intent and color inspiration is consistent on interior and exterior building supplies, from raw materials through final product.

X-Rite’s solutions enable color accuracy for building materials color control by:

Exterior Building Materials

Architectural materials provide numerous benefits beyond durability, including impactful colors that are lasting and memorable. Aesthetic success is the result of consistent, accurate color from reliable and easy-to-use color measurement solutions.

Interior Design Materials

Color significantly impacts the atmosphere and ambiance for interior designs. As trends expand to include intriguing new colors, precise color measurement tools can tighten quality control to ensure first run accuracy.

Sealants & Coatings

Coatings and sealants continue to evolve and can transform simple building finishes into visual masterpieces. Deliver matching colors, from hard-to-match grays to unique trends, with reliable color measurement solutions.

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