Model #: eswin-clcc


With the ERX50 inline spectrophotometer, ESWin Closed-Loop Color Control software automatically controls up to 3 dyes plus optical brightening agents for automated colorant adjustments.

ESWin Closed-Loop Color Control (CLCC) for Less Waste and More Quality

Managing color accuracy as early in the manufacturing process as possible delivers many benefits. Correcting errors early results in less waste and a higher quality product, and that translates to faster time to market and happier customers.

 When combined with an X-Rite inline color measurement instrument such as the ERX50, ESWin CLCC manages color quality on continuous process manufacturing lines, displays results and runs automatic in-line closed-loop color control on papermaking and other machinery.


  • Shorten color change and start-up times and reduce dyeing costs with closed-loop color control; 100% color control during production for minimum waste.
  • Automatically control up to 3 dyes plus optical brightening agents for automated colorant adjustments. Additional dyes can be controlled in manual mode.
  • Displays color measurement data in an easy-to-understand trending format that provides operators with maximum information to better control manufacturing lines.
  • Test certificates provide proof-of-batch quality and diagrams of color deviation.

Our specialists can help you design a custom closed-loop control system to meet your specific needs.


Short Term Repeatability - White SW!?

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