Model #: erx50


Inline spectrophotometer for the measurement and evaluation of color in industrial applications for early identification and correction of disturbances.

ERX50 Inline Color Measurement Delivers Early Warning of Color Shifts

The ability to accurately and consistently measure color across a wide range of materials is critical.

 During manufacturing, color shifts can be costly, resulting in waste, rework and delayed time to market. Using high quality inline color measurement instruments provides operators with the real-time color information required to avoid costly production line errors.

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of industrial applications, the ERX50 measures a wide range of materials, including textured, finely patterned, gloss and for products such as plastics and paper.

 When used with ESWin CLCC software, the ERX50 enables accurate, often automatic, color adjustments that improve manufacturing output and reduce waste due to color drift.


  • Measurement and evaluation of color deviation to enable corrections without stopping production.
  • Standardized 45°/0° measurement geometry provides good correlation to laboratory instruments.
  • Enables objective evaluation of color according to accepted international standards for integrity of inline measurement programs.
  • Complete documentation of color quality measurements is recorded and stored for later evaluation in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • External calibration is only necessary every 4 weeks for maximum instrument uptime.

The ERX50 delivers excellent short-term stability due to its use of real dual beam measurement, and its automatic wavelength calibration ensures exceptional measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX50 is the must-have inline color measurement instrument that enables objective color assessment across a variety of industrial applications.

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Short Term Repeatability - White dL*, da*, db* < 0.03
Measurement Geometry 45°/0°
Measurement Time flash
Measurement Working Distance 10mm
Spectral Interval 330-730
Spectral Range 1nm

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