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Color Calibration & Profiling

For both amateurs and professionals – photographers, filmmakers, designers, premedia and printing operators – achieving predictable results from capture to output can be a challenge. Color Perfectionists turn to X-Rite for affordable, professional, quality calibrating and profiling solutions that make sure all of your devices – monitors, projectors, cameras, scanners, printers and mobile devices – are speaking the same language.
i1 Solutions Family

i1 Family

X-Rite’s broad range of professional i1 color management solutions enable workflows with the highest level of color accuracy in the industry. There’s an i1 solution for every color need.

i1Publish Pro 2 Upgrade

i1 Software

X-Rite’s i1 software for color management provides accurate custom profiles for the highest level of color accuracy across all devices from displays to scanners to printers.

ColorChecker Targets

ColorChecker Targets Family

X-Rite ColorChecker Targets are the reference standards that professional photographers and filmmakers around the world use to ensure predictable results under all lighting conditions.

i1iO for i1Pro 3 Plus

Chart Readers

X-Rite chart readers and automated scanning solutions automate color control to minimize human error, speed calibration and profiling, and generate predictable and repeatable color results.

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