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Non-Contact Imaging Spectrophotometers

In retail paint and industrial applications like coatings, plastics, and cosmetics, measuring color can be difficult, especially when dealing with small and non-planar items as well as liquids, pastes, powders and gels. These revolutionary non-contact imaging spectrophotometers speed up color formulation, production color checks and quality control operations, reducing waste and rework while shrinking cycle time. With live video, these instruments deliver precise digital targeting, allowing users to quickly and easily select the exact target area for measurement. 


For Retail Paint Measurement

MetaVue™, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, introduces a new level of accuracy to a wider variety of customer samples. 

MetaVue™ VS3200

For QC & Formulation Measurement

The MetaVue™ VS3200 non-contact imaging spectrophotometer brings breakthrough versatility and accuracy to measurement of wet and dry paints, plastics, cosmetics and small and odd-shaped samples.

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